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A Few Things People
Have Said About Me

“Glenn Livingston has one of the most thoroughly vetted market research and product rollout systems I've ever seen. The man has reduced marketing to a nearly exact science." - Perry Marshall

Perry S. Marshall
Author "Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords" 

(Published by Entrepreneur Press)


"I've been a marketer for 21 years now and I've had some successes and failures, and when I look back on my track record I've found that the failures were almost always because I didn't know who I was selling to.  I was really kind of playing what Dan Kennedy would call 'blind archery' ... and when I've done well, it's always because I was very clear on who my audience was and exactly what they wanted.  I had done well even with some simple survey techniques, but I heard everybody raving about the results they were getting with Glenn's techniques, so I was one of the first people to sign up"

Bill Harrison
Radio-TV Interview Report
Philadelphia, PA


"This is really a system where I can confirm before I go in and launch and start a venture, that I've increased my likelihood of success, ... you know, it's like having the answers to a test"

Brian Therrien
BST Enterprises
Charlotte, VT
(617) 747-3996



"Well ... they wouldn't even BE your competition, it's that simple as far as I'm concerned [...]  people who have this information CAN find out exactly what the market wants and, the thing is, to the degree ... it's just amazing ... you can can find out almost to the letter exactly what they want, exactly how they PHRASE what they want, it's just amazing, and someone who doesn't have that, as far as I'm concerned, is NOT your competition!"

Stephen Georgulis
Sydney, Australia

"Glenn has an amazing way of approaching market intelligence.  He combines the HEAD, the analytical, the numbers ... with the HEART, ... the subjective, the 'less quantifiable' ... and then he comes at it from a different direction 'what we SAY and what we DO' ... it becomes a quadrant ... he attacks the market from north, south, east, west, ... and then he quantifies that, so that it truly does become a love relationship with the prospective customer, with the market.  I'm convinced it gives him the power that no one else has ... few other people do this!"

Dave Seldon
Nashville, TN



Would You Like to Work for Dr. Glenn Livingston?

"Take Five Minutes To Explain Your
Skills (and Interest) And I Might Just
Find Something Cool for You to Do!"

I presently run THREE growing businesses (most notably the Coach Certification Academy) and need help with:

  • Copywriting: Mostly those who're willing to write first drafts for me at a reasonable rate in exchange for a little direct supervision and an endorsement once the letter is successful.  (Note: I have several high end copywriters already at my disposal for projects which warrant it so please don't apply if this is what you have in mind)

  • Kindle Publishing and Marketing:  I have several books and an ongoing stream of content to publish for lead generation purposes.  (If you have experience in this, I want you to apply!)

  • YouTube Publishing and Marketing: If you have successful experience and are willing to work on a draw vs. commission structure, I want to hear from you.  (I don't have much personal experience or expertise to offer here, except from a copywriting perspective)

  • Infusion Management (NOT basic customer service - I have that covered!  I'm talking about complex marketing systems, upsells, cross sells, etc)

  • DesignThe primary need here is for people to create stellar e-book covers like the one you see at ... but we often have additional design needs, and our growing list of coaches have more!

  • Publicity: I do have a current plan and set of vendors which involves high quality content marketing and links.  But if you have successful experience and are willing to work on a draw vs. commission structure, I want to hear from you.

  • Podcasting Promotion: As you're probably aware, I'm kind of prolific with audio interviews.  If you have experience disseminating and distributing these for lead generation and are willing to work on a draw vs. commission, I want you to apply!

  • Telephone Sales People: This is NOT a standard telemarketing gig.  I'm looking for sensitive, empathic people on a genuine mission to help others who'd like to take many of the inbound calls I generate from site and follow up with them to sell not only the certification, but an expanding product and training catalog.   Draw vs. commission arrangements.

  • Coaches to Teach For Me: I will shortly need experienced coaches to teach courses for me in the academy.  I give preference to those who have been through my training, but actual client-hours are also a very big factor

  • Programming: (Javascript, PHP, mysql, and basic HTML)

  • Article Marketing: If you have successful experience and are willing to work on a draw vs. commission structure, I want to hear from you.  (I don't have much personal experience or expertise to offer here, except from a copywriting perspective.)  Successful experience means you can point to lead generation campaigns and/or those which have earned you substantial money

  • Teaching Beginners to Develop Websites (Consistent with my philosophies.  You make Camtasia videos and compile for my systems)

  • Product Implementation (I give you the content, you create the deliverables and get it up and running in 1shoppingcart, Infusion, and/or ClickBank)

  • SEO:   I do have a current plan and set of vendors which involves high quality content marketing and links.  But if you have successful experience and are willing to work on a draw vs. commission structure, I want to hear from you.

  • Book Publishing:  We have many regular books in the works we will want to offer in printed (on demand) form and will need someone to manage the logistics

  • Content Adaptation: I have a lot of valuable content which can be repurposed with a little adaptation and updating, but I simply can't make the time.  If you're willing to work on a draw vs. commission, I want you to apply!  (Similar position to Perry Marshall's "Content Czar")

  • Affiliate Manager: I'm very selective about those whom I'll do joint ventures so please don't apply for this if you're the standard "rah rah work with all the IM guys" kind of JV manager.  But if you feel you can find me high quality partners and keep them motivated to promote an expanding set of offerings at the site (not so much in the IM space itself)... AND you're willing to work largely on performance, I want to hear from you!

  • Facebook Managers: I will shortly require an experienced Facebook PPC manager to expand traffic at a reasonable ROI

  • Banner and Email Management:  I WILL also need help buying and managing banner placements outside of search,

A Few Important Things About ME Before You Apply

  • I'm primarily interested in people who are familiar with my work and business philosophies, and who will value the connection to Sharon and I in particular.  Although I'm definitely open to working with strangers (especially those with skills hard to find elsewhere), I will give precedence to previous customers and coaching students, and others who have demonstrated such familiarity

  • I tend to start slowly with people and expand the work as the relationship is proven. 

  • I'm not (yet) looking for salaried employees.  I favor a 1099 (contractor) model where you are responsible for your own hours, taxes, and other business arrangements.   As the business grows, however, I intend to "promote from within"

  • I prefer pay-for-performance compensation models.   Although I'm open to laying out money up front in good faith, I'm primarily interested in pay-for-performance agreements as these have worked best for me in the past

  • I'm looking for people who value what the connection to myself and my organizations can bring.  I've worked hard to develop 5,000+ customers (and about 1,000 raving buyers).  At this point I'm looking to leverage this by connecting with  mission-compatible entrepreneurs who understand all the above and are excited by the possibilities, not those who want to immediately charge high hourly rates for their services

  • I'm open to joint ventures AFTER you've proven your value: I'm investing heavily in list building in the coaching market and have a fast growing base of highly engaged prospects who are consuming my free content.  (If you're on my list you know how I work, but please take the test at if you're curious)  I will read your proposals (within reason) after we are working together successfully for a few months, and after a year or more I'm likely to proactively look for something we can do together.  However, I tend to reflexively say no to those presented to me early in the relationship, because past experience has shown they not only tend not to work out, but can lead to BIG trouble!

But This Offer is NOT for Everyone:

  • IT'S NOT FOR YOU IF YOU ARE IMPATIENT: I'm looking to develop long term relationships with team members that will grow with me over time.  What that means is you'll need to be PATIENT.  Although I generally DO have a few immediate needs, I unfortunately can't respond to everyone who submits an application here.  Therefore, if you're going to follow up obsessively with my customer service team to see what's available, I'd prefer you didn't apply.  (Once every two months or so is acceptable)

  • IT'S NOT FOR YOU IF YOU DESPERATELY NEED MONEY: I'd like to help you, really I would.  As most of you know I've been desperate for money myself in the past, and it's a very unpleasant situation to be in.  But hard-earned experience has taught me that filling my team with people who are desperate creates the wrong set of emotions and motivations.  My business philosophies follow the "Tortoise", not the Hare, and I need team members who are in sync with this mindset.  (Ironically, I found that I only got OUT of desperation when I could center myself in more of a tortoise mindset myself.  The more you need it, the harder it is to come by... an ironic truth in business.)

  • IT'S NOT FOR YOU IF YOU NEED A LOT OF PERSONAL TIME FOR SUPERVISION AND CLARIFICATION: If we work together there certainly WILL be SOME conversations and supervisory time.  But the primary purpose of getting help is to allow me to concentrate on more CEO based strategic planning and high level marketing optimization... so I need people who can take direction, solve problems, and work largely independently

  • IT'S NOT FOR YOU IF YOU HAVE A HARD TIME WITH MY QUIRKY ECCENTRICITY:  I'm almost 50 years old and by conventional standards I'm kind of weird... so you'll need to understand this.  What this means is that I'm largely allergic to appointments unless really necessary (sometimes they are).  I generally work with people asynchronously by email, though you'll also have access to me by cell phone when necessary (just not at pre-planned times).  And because I'm mildly disabled due to being hit by a drunk driver in the late 90s, I keep odd hours and never know when I might need to disappear for a day or two (though I do keep connected to email and voice mail for emergencies).  So if you want a "normal" guy to work for, you'd be better off elsewhere 

  • IT'S NOT FOR YOU IF YOU DESPISE REASONABLY BAD JOKES: Life is short, so if you don't have a sense of humor, please don't apply!

Other Reasons to Work For Me

  • FREE CONTENT: After six months of steady work together you will have access to my digital trainings and content without cost 

  • FREE TRAINING: After six months of steady work together you will have access to my live trainings on a reserve basis.  (Meaning you can take a seat which isn't filled by the early bird deadlines) 

  • A WATCHFUL EYE: I tend to get attached to people I work with, and I can't help but keep a watchful eye over their careers and well being.  I've helped many people make significant leaps in this capacity.  That's not a guarantee of success, but a realistic assessment of how my personality works if we like each other.

Apply by Filling Out the Form Below!

NOTE: We give higher priority to those who take the time to explain their particular skills and interests in the open ended box above. (Just submitting your contact info probably won't be worthwhile for you)




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