A Commission-Based
Done-For-You Marketing Service from Dr. Glenn Livingston for People Frightened or Overwhelmed by the Idea of Using  Telemarketing to Dramatically Improve Their Online Profits

(Glenn Livingston is a psychologist and marketing consultant who's company work has been reviewed in all of the above major media outlets, and who's companies have sold more than $20,000,000 to corporate firms like Whirlpool, Lipton, Ford, Nabisco, Bausch & Lomb, Novartis, Colgate-Palmolive, Panasonic, and more!)

"If 92% of Prospects Aren't Actually Excited to Receive Your Follow Up Phone Calls, You're Doing Something Dreadfully Wrong"
- Brian Therrien

This Funny Looking Phone Genius Improved My Previously Glenn-Optimized Conversion Rate from Under 3% to an Outrageous 26% by Adding Gentle "Courtesy Calls"

Now He Does This For Others on Commission! How Much Money Will He Pick Up From the Table for Your Business?

DISCLAIMER: It would be unreasonable to assume you'll get the same explosive growth as described above because of Brian's and my unique marketing education, business resources, and internet skills.  (Full disclosure statement).  However, it CAN and does happen!   And considering Brian and I are putting our money where our mouth is by working on a performance basis, we think you'll agree you'd be risking a LOT more by passing on this unique opportunity.  Keep reading for incontrovertible proof and the full details of our proposed working arrangement...

From the desk of Dr. Glenn Livingston
Sunday, 10:35 a.m. (Windham, New Hampshire)

If you're reading this, odds are you already know about the $20,000,000 in marketing consulting my firms have sold, the 21 person internet agency I co-founded, the 17 markets I entered profitably, and the dozens of entrepreneurs I've personally coached to success...

That means I've seen the dollars-in-to-dollars-out results of literally hundreds of modern marketing systems...

So when I tell you I'VE BEEN MAKING A CRITICAL MISTAKE FOR YEARS WHICH HAS COST ME A KING'S RANSOM, you know there must be good reasons.  In fact, it's likely that...

I LEFT HALF MY PROFITS ON THE TABLE by Refusing to Gently Follow Up with My Leads and Customers by Phone... And the Odds Are You've Done It Too!

(Worse yet, these profits could've be realized without ANY additional advertising expenditure!)

I can point to five reasons why I personally neglected telemarketing in my own systems. ("Aggressively recoiled from" might be a better description).  They're the same five reasons I hear from most business owners:

  • I didn't want to risk enraging my best prospects, customers, and warm leads by inflicting money-grubbing, painful conversations with unskilled and uncaring tele-monkeys...

  • I didn't know how to recruit, train, and supervise an effective phone team, and I was worried even one rogue member could do serious harm to my business...

  • I wasn't sure how to compensate the tele-workers, and I didn't want to get ripped off by some unethical telemarketing manager...

  • I didn't know how, when, or where to integrate the telephone within my existing marketing systems for a maximum sales boost.  And most importantly...

  • The thought of the conversations I've had with telemarketers who've called ME personally made me want to rip the guts out of my phone with my teeth!  (Which was good for my dentist but not so great for me)

Nevertheless, I kept seeing business after business increase their profits with telemarketing...

And over the years it became crystal clear to me that...

There Are Seriously Undervalued Assets in Almost ANY Business Which Can Be Used to Quickly Boost Profits with Telephone Follow Ups...

Things like (check off each item as you read along if you think it might apply to you):

Contacting and converting un-sold leads from your webinars, tele-seminars, and other events...
Calling customers right after the sale to ensure satisfaction, and to skillfully present upsell opportunities...
Preventing refunds by contacting every last requester and offering alternative solutions and products. (It's amazing what the ability to speak to a live person can do... it goes a long way towards building trust and faith in you and your business)...
Flipping unconverted leads and prospects by telephone after your automated systems have had a chance to do their magic
Skillfully following up on customer service requests to turn "contact momentum" into additional back end sales.  (What would happen if a skilled marketer connected with everyone who used your contact form and/or customer service ticket system?)...
Calling seminar attendees to offer them back end products and services...
Reactivating lapsed customers.  (It's amazing what a goldmine sits untapped in most marketer's old customer lists!)
Inviting leads to attend webinars and tele-seminars using the old fashioned phone call rather than email and/or text messaging (How much better would your show rates, involvement rates, and  conversion rates be if a real live person spoke with prospects beforehand to address their custom needs--AND--followed up with each interested individual afterwards?)
Following up with direct mail prospects after the mailing to ensure they received (and have read) your mailing piece... and then to close the sale!
Setting appointments with qualified prospects (e.g. using the telephone to supercharge movement from your automated prospecting system to actual sales appointments)
Getting customers to actually CONSUME your product and educational materials so they (a) realize the benefits and (b) are ready for the next product or service in your funnel!
And that's just scratching the surface of possibilities!...

There's no doubt that adding strategic follow up calls to your online marketing systems can dramatically improve your profits!  (It's also a reasonably low risk way to build your brand...because it's not always the best product that wins, it's the best sales process!)

That's why I was thrilled when...

Brian Therrien Taught Me Telemarketing
Be An Entirely Different Animal!

For most of his adult life, Brian's lived and died by the telephone.  I won't bore you with a long list of credentials...suffice it to say he took an already profitable lead-gen system I built from an approximately 3% conversion rate (when it was entirely online) to 26% by training his team to make simple "courtesy" follow up calls.


But just in case that might have been a fluke, I asked Brian to try generating interviews with decision makers at Fortune 500 companies from a cold list (it was for my consulting firm)...

Before I knew it we were speaking with executive decision makers at, Honda, Yahoo, and Microsoft!

What was the trick?

No "trick" at all, actually...

Brian just carefully evaluates the online marketing assets you have available (prospect and customer lists, messaging and branding, salesletters, email communications, multimedia videos, audios, etc) ...

And then he coordinates HIS messaging, scripting, and call timing to be congruent with those assets.

With 22+ years working and training his teams this way, he's become exceptionally skilled. 

My favorite quote from Brian is this:

"It's utterly unnecessary to use brute phone force when you're working 'in context'"

Which means if you'll take the time to develop a phone strategy to work in concert with your existing online systems, you can...

“Seize an Unfair Advantage in Your Market by Adding Gentle Phone Follow Ups to Your Existing Online Systems"

When you know WHERE the prospect came from, WHAT they've already seen and heard, what objections they're likely to be harboring, and WHEN they're most likely to act, there's really NO need to bludgeon them...

"In fact, if 92% of your prospects don't actually WELCOME your call, you're doing something dreadfully wrong", Brian says.

The point is, by evaluating your online systems for key leverage points, Brian can determine exactly where and how to apply pressure to get the job done...

He's like a Tai Chi master, focusing on the vectors and forces already in place, then leveraging that momentum with gentle, fluid movements which lead the client exactly where you want to take them...

Brian is SO good at this, it makes me want to smack myself in the head with a spatula to think of all the years I let pass without a good phone process in MY business!  (How many more people could I have genuinely helped?  How much more money would I have in my bank account?  I shudder to think!)

Anyway, if you've read this far, you probably want to know...

Exactly How Brian Helps Existing
Online Businesses Multiply Conversion
and Scoop Up Unrealized Profits:

  • STEP ONE - TELEMARKETING HISTORY:  The first step is for Brian to learn exactly what your experience with telemarketing has been (if any).   Have you used it before?  Where, when, and how?  What results did you achieve?  What worked, what didn't, and if you stopped, why?  (NOTE: Many--if not most--businesses have never tried telemarketing, so don't let it stop you if you count yourself among them)...
  • STEP TWO - EVALUATE THE LANDSCAPE: Next, Brian needs to evaluate your current marketing assets. 
    • What customer and/or prospect lists do you have available?  Are these aged, ongoingly freshened, or both?
    • Where are sales taking place (websites, salesletters, webinars, etc), and what are all the steps leading to the sale?
    • What are your current conversion rates (if you know), profit margins, plus visitor, lead, and sales volume?  (We need to know this so we can identify leverage points, but also in order to evaluate the opportunity because we work on commission)
    • Where do YOU think the greatest telemarketing opportunity lies?  Why?
  • STEP THREE - STRATEGIC PLAN AND MARKETING SCRIPT:  In step three, Brian carefully studies your existing conversion system and uses it to craft a gentle telemarketing script for your project.    This kind of written and agreed upon plan provides the perfect foundation to build success going forward...
  • STEP FOUR - CUSTOM SELECT AND TRAIN A TEAM SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR PROJECT:  Brian has access to an unusually valuable resource which other companies can't match: Rather than recruiting your average tele-monkey from the local labor pool, Brian almost exclusively uses the 40,000+ prospects and customers in his own business.
    • You see, Brian specializes in working with intelligent, talented, articulate people who've been disabled by accident, disease, or war (veterans)...
    • Because he's positioned as a "thought leader" in this industry, and because he works exceptionally hard to help the people on his list, they're eternally grateful people and eager to please...
    • Therefore, when Brian carefully writes a job description specifically for YOUR project, he has access to thousands of people he can screen until he finds the exact right team... 
    • While this does introduce a few weeks additional ramp up time, the payoff is tremendous because you get motivated, knowledgeable phone workers, not tele-monkeys!
  • STEP FIVE - MAKE MONEY, RINSE, AND REPEAT:  Brian begins with the lowest hanging fruit, then works his way down based upon ongoing feedback from you,  your prospects, and your customers.  As each piece begins to bear fruit, he solidifies and fortifies the system, looking to the next leverage point.  Ultimately everything is automated and humming like a precision machine...



I wish I could tell you Brian could help everyone make more money by implementing a telemarketing system in their business.  But unfortunately it's only appropriate for businesses which meet the following criteria:

CRITERIA #1 - COMMISSION AND RETAINER STRUCTURE: You must be comfortable with our compensation structure.  We work entirely on commission, with a non-refundable $2,500 advance required to begin, and a custom monthly retainer thereafter large enough to cover 30 days of anticipated sales commissions for your particular project.    (The latter to be determined after the start-up trial period, and adjusted as the project grows)

We work off a retainer for three reasons: (a) primarily it's to cover start up costs such as recruiting, training, and initial deployment of your tele-team;   (b) to avoid the stress of collections so we can focus on making you money (we have NO accounts receivable in our telemarketing business); (c) to ensure we only work with clients with at least some "skin in the game";

PLEASE NOTE: We don't aim to make profit from the initial retainer, it's just enough to cover the custom start up expenses for your project...

CRITERIA #2 - ESTIMATED YEARLY PROFIT:  We're looking for strategic partners with adequate visitor, lead, and sales volume which, when combined with a win-win commission rate, creates the potential to generate $100,000+ PER YEAR or more in commissions...

NOTE: This doesn't mean those numbers need to work immediately.  You see, because we've got extensive online conversion expertise...we MAY be able to help create more volume (at a profit for you) in reasonably short order.  

Plus, adding phone follow ups should improve the overall amount you make per visitor, which means you'd be able to buy advertising in greater volume... simply as a natural outgrowth of our work together.

Long story short, you just need to make a convincing case we can GET TO $8K/mo commissions within 6 months to one year... not that we'd start there.

NOTE ON SPECIFIC COMMISSION RATES: Although the most important financial criteria for us is the overall projected yearly commission (and we are open to all win-win proposals for achieving our goals), we typically look for 15% from Service businesses, 10% from hard goods, and 50% from digital products. 

CRITERIA #3 - PRODUCING ONLINE LEADS: You have an existing internet system which is (at minimum) producing leads online.  You see, although Brian CAN execute cold calls, the point of power for our service is our ability to gently integrate online messaging with telephone follow ups.  For this reason, this offer is ONLY for companies with existing online systems...

Your systems must either be currently producing phone numbers, or else be easily modifiable to create them (We can help you do this!)

IMPORTANT: Think you don't qualify because you don't have phone leads?  Think twice before deciding please, because we find many forget about existing and lapsed customer records.  Reactivating and/or up-selling these customers can be an utter goldmine which isn't that difficult to mine!

CRITERIA #4 - MY LICENSING BOARD (AND MY MOM) WON'T OBJECT TO YOUR PRODUCTS OR SERVICE: You do NOT sell a product or service that promotes hate mongering, pornography, cigarettes, speed seduction, gambling, or anything else my professional licensing board might object to (at our sole discretion)...

CRITERIA #5 - WILLINGNESS TO ASSIGN THE PHONE CHANNEL TO US WHEN PROVEN SUCCESSFUL: You do NOT NOT NOT look at us as a mere vendor, but a strategic partner  to whom you're willing to assign the phone follow up channel... 

Because we plan to invest a lot of time, money, and labor in your project on a commission basis, we require partners willing to sign a contract which reasonably prevents handing off our phone work to others and/or taking it in-house without a significant buyout...

Long story short, we're gonna put a lot into building a very profitable phone follow up system for you...

And we'll structure a win-win compensation arrangement so everyone is happy for the long run when we're successful! 

But, if we hit the mutually agreed upon numbers during the trial period we want to own the phone channel for your business...

IF it works, we're in it together for the long run OK?

(If for any reason the process is NOT successful during the trial period, our contract releases you from this obligation)...

the "Gentle Giants™"
Telemarketing Service:

An Elite Done-For-You Methodology
for Companies Who Want to Rake In
More Customers, Sales and Profits!

Don't Decide Today Whether Our Telephone Follow Up Service is Right For Your Business.  Simply Invest $88 for a Forty Five Minute Strategic Consultation with Brian▬and Glenn!▬to Evaluate Your Options:

During your private consultation, Brian and I will ask you a lot of questions about your business model, goals, and marketing assets (lead generation process, existing leads, customers lists, sales process, conversion rates, allowable commission rates, etc).

Together, we'll discover whether the Gentle Giants™ follow up service might have a dramatic and quick impact on your business...

And during the introductory period, I'll personally join you for these consultations!  

PLEASE NOTE: I charge $1,000/hr for my consulting time elsewhere, so this is perhaps the cheapest way to get any of my personal time, and the odds are I'll spot something extremely valuable in your marketing system...

Now, it's possible the Gentle Giant methodology is NOT the right plan-of-action for your business...

But even if that's the case, you'll still get invaluable strategic advice for increasing profits with telephone follow ups in your business.  I don't know ANYONE as skilled at this as Brian, or I wouldn't have bothered writing this letter.  (Brian is also 100% familiar with my research and conversion strategies, and his systems integrate seamlessly with my teachings)

Just think about it: If telephone follow ups have even a slim chance of dramatically bumping the profits of your online systems, wouldn't you want to know?  And if there were any serious obstacles or minefields to be aware of, shouldn't you find out?

Isn’t it worth investing $88 to find out where phone follow ups might be best leveraged in YOUR business?  I think it’s a no brainer.  (Why $88 instead of some nice round number?  Because there are eighty eight keys on a piano and this consultation should be music to your ears!)

If you’ve come this far, I think you’ll agree I’ve given you several good reasons to reserve a 45-minute Gentle Giant marketing consultation for yourself. So do yourself a favor...

Take advantage of this special introductory offer right now while it’s fresh on your mind. Now, here’s the next step…

REMEMBER: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DECIDE TODAY!  Because It Starts with a Forty Five Minute, $88 Research Strategy Session with Brianand Glenn!to Review Your Unique Situation

Just Click the Add to Cart Button
Below and Pay for Your Consultation

(After payment, you'll be sent an email with
a few questions that will help Brian and I
prepare for our time together, which will
be scheduled within 10 business days)

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

If you don't agree your forty five minute consultation was worth many times the $88 price tag, just let us know before we get off the phone (or Skype) and I'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked, and no hard feelings.  Really!

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the sake of absolute clarity, what you're paying for at this juncture is the 45 minute Gentle Giant Strategy Session, not the follow up phone service itself.  The value of this time IS guaranteed... if you don't think it was worth at least 10x what you paid for it just let us know before you get off your phone/Skype consult and I'll refund your money in full.  But acceptance in the telemarketing service is conditional on all parties determining they are a good fit to work with one another.

I know this service is ONLY appropriate for existing, profitable businesses already generating leads online.  Additionally, I am ideally already generating phone numbers and/or have a large database of recent numbers to contact.  If this is not already the case, at minimum there are clear opportunities to quickly and easily insert a phone collection into my process, and I'll still have enough volume to service a real phone campaign even if I assume a 50% drop in opt in rates due to phone capture (for a required phone field on my form) or a 5% valid phone entry (using a non-required phone field on the form)(Note: the idea is for a well executed phone strategy to more than make up for lowered lead volume with a dramatic increase in conversion)
I understand you are looking for strategic partners, NOT clients for this service and would qualify myself as such.  Because you will be not only utilizing your phone team to boost my conversion, but also developing multimedia materials to assist, AND providing strategic input into my online system itself...I'll be willing to assign you the phone channel once you have proven success at a level we all agree upon beforehand(I know I will set the exact commission rates based upon my knowledge of my own business economics, they will not be imposed by your organization.  I also know that there will be no obligation to assign exclusivity for the phone channel if we don't reach the pre-agreed performance levels )
I can clearly see a path whereby I could eventually pay you at least $100,000 in commission per year because of my pre-existing, tested and proven online sales process to which you can add this force multiplier. 
I've read this letter in full and understand I am simply purchasing the 45-minute Gentle Giant Strategy Session at this time with no obligation on anyone's part to go further.  I know the service described above is not part of this consultation, is offered by a separate corporate entity, and will be discussed at the end of my consultation only if appropriate.  I also know that paying for my 45 minute consultation today does not guarantee acceptance in the service, although the value of the consultation itself IS guaranteed.  If I don't feel the consultation was worth at least 10x what I paid for it, I'll say so before getting off the phone/Skype and you will refund 100% of the money paid today.   Last, I have also read and agreed to the Disclaimer and Terms of Use Agreement, the Privacy Policy, and the Full Testimonial and Results Disclosure Statement

(NOTE: We strictly limit the number of new consults we accept each
month for quality control purposes. If no room is available, you will
be placed on a waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis)






What People Are Saying About Glenn Livingston:

“Glenn Livingston has one of the most thoroughly vetted market research and product rollout systems I've ever seen. The man has reduced marketing to a nearly exact science." - Perry Marshall

Perry S. Marshall
Author "Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords"

(Published by Entrepreneur Press)

Comments from Dr. Livingston's Seminar Attendees After
Learning His Methods:

"I've been a marketer for 21 years now and I've had some successes and failures, and when I look back on my track record I've found that the failures were almost always because I didn't know who I was selling to.  I was really kind of playing what Dan Kennedy would call 'blind archery' ... and when I've done well, it's always because I was very clear on who my audience was and exactly what they wanted.  I had done well even with some simple survey techniques, but I heard everybody raving about the results they were getting with Glenn's techniques, so I was one of the first people to sign up [for Dr. Livingston's earlier research seminar]"

Bill Harrison
Radio-TV Interview Report
Philadelphia, PA

"Well ... they wouldn't even BE your competition, it's that simple as far as I'm concerned [...]  people who have this information CAN find out exactly what the market wants and, the thing is, to the degree ... it's just amazing ... you can can find out almost to the letter exactly what they want, exactly how they PHRASE what they want, it's just amazing, and someone who doesn't have that, as far as I'm concerned, is NOT your competition!"

Stephen Georgulis
Sydney, Australia


"The thing that immediately hit me was how clear he was about his targeted customer.  He really knew what his customers wanted and was providing that to them ... so he had got such clear marketing ... and REAL marketing, none of this other stuff that is giving the name 'marketing' ...  he really knew the marketing for his niche, what needed to be done.  I saw that and went 'I WANT TO DO THAT!'"

Barbara Warburg
United Kingdom


I saw this as the avenue that is going to take me to a very profitable and secure income level.  I expected to come to the seminar and learn how to do market research, learn how to study products, and with almost absolute certainty know that I could take those products, that research, that knowledge and ... apply it to a business and make money from it, ... investing small amounts of money up front to have a secure stable income"

Sam Hughes,
Milwaukee, WI


"...find out if there's even a feasible market. You know I started in this business in the early 90s when it was kind of 'blue skies' ... and a lot of it really was trial and error ... you would build a website and see if they come ... take your best ideas and put it out there and try to market a product or service based upon what we knew, ... and I've learned more and more as markets become more competitive and a lot of direct marketing is happening out there that market research is essential, and Glenn's model is superior to anything I've ever seen"

Damon Dickinson
Mandala Multimedia
Asheville, NC


"Glenn has an amazing way of approaching market intelligence.  He combines the HEAD, the analytical, the numbers ... with the HEART, ... the subjective, the 'less quantifiable' ... and then he comes at it from a different direction 'what we SAY and what we DO' ... it becomes a quadrant ... he attacks the market from north, south, east, west, ... and then he quantifies that, so that it truly does become a love relationship with the prospective customer, with the market.  I'm convinced it gives him the power that no one else has ... few other people do this!"

Dave Seldon
Nashville, TN


"I can tell you that my expectations of coming was to get information concerning how to analyze a market, how to diagnose what the best entry point into a market would be, and then how that would help shorten that learning curve down the road.  And I can tell you quite candidly that my expectations of what I expected vs. the information which was given to me was just overwhelmingly good.  My thought coming here was that I'd kind of learn how to survey and understand the market a little bit better and then craft a business model that would fit the needs of that particular market ... and it went WAY BEYOND that in terms of giving me the tools to really penetrate and take my pick of a niche, or of a BROAD MARKET  and go into that with a lot of confidence.  Because I've gone into markets before and fell right on my tail because I wasn't prepared and now I'm looking back and just shuddering thinking 'my goodness, if I had known what I know now back then I could have saved thousands of dollars and a lot of heartache!"

Jeff Hughes,
Milwaukee, WI


"Your slides were clear, your explanations were clear, your handouts were clear, and I know exactly what I'm doing.

It's 11:30 on the Monday after the seminar, and I already have a very detailed to-do list here that I'm busy executing right this minute. I can't tell you how excited I am to be implementing everything you're teaching here. I mean that. I never would have realized how much of a goldmine there is in all of our keywords and how much we could be doing to learn more about our customers *before* they buy from us and streamline their learning process. And right now as I'm going over our Google accounts it's so screaming obvious to me how much more organized we could, and can, be with our marketing message. And we're the "experts"! Thank you, thank you, thank you [...]  I've got a big handful of other projects that I want to do this with as well, and I know your method will work. It will work for our current sales funnel, and it will be invaluable for starting up new projects too. There's no way I can go wrong with any of them if I do what you've taught here.

And do you know what I appreciate most about working with you and our group? It's how completely honest and unabashedly ethical you are. Sure, we'll grow our income through doing this, but the real story is that our customers will get what they want and need that much faster when we do this.

That's not ultimately a benefit to us as much as it's a benefit to them. I appreciate your pointing this out to us repeatedly over the weekend, and I appreciate knowing that you don't at all have a 'mercenary' attitude about this.

Give my thanks to Sharon too. I found her input at every point to be invaluable. I swear she's smarter than all of the rest of us combined! Especially showing us how she does focus groups. Have you ever considered making the two of you a guru-twosome? (She's a fantastic hostess, too.)"

Bryan Todd,
Perry Marshall & Associates
Oak Brook, IL


"in the next year I can see this [being worth] ... conservatively, $100,000, ... more than that very easily, ... in terms of the long haul, who knows ... could be worth millions and millions and millions for the long haul"

Jeff Hughes,
Milwaukee, WI

"I think this is information that not many people have got.   Whereas you go to a lot of other seminars and you get a lot of the same stuff over and over or similar stuff ... this was just a completely new level of something that most people haven't had experience in!"

Stephen Georgulis
Sydney, Australia


" ... let's look at the cost of failure ... if you kind of play 'blind archery' and spend all this time and effort trying to sell to people that you don't understand you're just going to get killed ... I can tell you from personal experience, that's what happens ...his whole process just saves you tons of time and gives you a very clear roadmap of exactly how to implement it.  So this is a real investment, I think it's the best investment you can make in your business" 

Bill Harrison
Radio-TV Interview Report
Philadelphia, PA

"At the time of saying this I have no idea how much this course is going to be, but I would say that whatever the price is, it's going to be a lot cheaper than spending years trying to market a message to people that is the wrong message, because that's a very expensive business mistake.  So whatever you pay up front to learn how to research the market I think is money very well spent"

John Parker
Vancouver, Canada

On Using The System for New Markets:  "This is all about knowing a market, ... and it's so thorough that even if you don't have personal experience in that market you can still go into it and find out, what are the things that people will pay money for!" 

Perry Marshall,
Perry Marshall & Associates
Oak Brook, IL

"Any business that's already successful needs to be able to do this well.  Corporations spend millions of dollars on doing this and still do it badly!"

Barbara Warburg
United Kingdom
My First Internet Journey

"This is not a technique.  Glenn bases his approach on principles. They don't change.  I believe fully that if Claude Hopkins were alive today, he would be learning this.  This is that powerful, ... this is radical"

Dave Seldon,
Nashville, TN

"What Glenn's taught this weekend is pretty much, as far as I'm concerned, the ultimate in finding out what someone wants.  In any market, in any area of life you can apply this, and you could find out exactly what that person wants, and you can then go ahead and basically dominate that area in selling products to those people.  And the other thing that I think is absolutely phenomenal about it is that, not only will you just sell more, but you're giving them what they want.  That's the even better part of it ... if you have a passion for that market, especially, ... it's both sides of the coin.  You profit, but they profit too because they get what they want."

Stephen Georgulis
Sydney, Australia


"Someone in the audience [at Perry Marshall's seminar] asked Glenn 'when do you know when you can get into a new market' ... and his answer astounded me ... he said 'my life changes ... when my life has changed, I know I'm ready to go into a new market' ... and that was so intriguing to me"

Dave Seldon,
Nashville, TN

"The title sums it up 'Do Your Friggin' Research!'  If you're really serious about wanting to do  business and you've got a work ethic and you've got the drive, ... and you want to make a career, a business, a lifestyle out of this ... this is THE best tool out there to use.  I've never seen anything that comes even close to what this process..."  [Note: the working title for the product was originally 'Do Your Friggin' Research' ... Sam references this herein]

Sam Hughes,
Milwaukee, WI

"...personally I've found writing sales letters very very time consuming and really agonizing, particularly if you're not clear on the benefits.  So what I really like about Glenn's process is that once you go through it your copy practically writes itself.  He really teaches you to drill down on exactly what people want, ... what are the top 3 benefits, what are the top objections ... it really makes the process of writing copy infinitely easier!"

Bill Harrison
Radio-TV Interview Report
Philadelphia, PA

"I originally came to this seminar from the Perry Marshall advanced Google Adwords seminar, ... I saw Glenn's presentation there, and what it did was, first of all ... it matched my basic philosophy which is ... find a hungry market first, find out exactly what they want or need, and then give it to them, and then continue to give it to them.  What Glenn showed me was a model that allowed me to do that consistently ... a reproducible system to do that"

Damon Dickinson
Mandala Multimedia
Asheville, NC

"I would say to a friend of mine, ... yes, I know you may have been burned before and you may be weary, ... but you really need to do this, this is truly for real!  If you're not ready to do this, you're not serious.  You need to do this"

Dave Seldon,
Nashville, TN

"Someone that knew this could out-write some of the best copywriters in the world, because they [the best copywriters in the world] couldn't get the thorough understanding of a market that the people that have this information could ... and that's incredibly powerful"

"The thing that separates average copywriters from the great copywriters is that the really good ones know how to research.  The thing that a lot of people talked about in this seminar, as they've been chatting to each other is that, by learning this stuff their copy almost writes itself.    They know what the markets wants, they know what they need to provide the market with in their products and all that and essentially your copy is only telling them that your product is there and it can help them ... your copy really writes itself, and that's what interested me about it"

Stephen Georgulis
Sydney, Australia



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