Sharon Livingston, Ph.D.

Dr. Sharon Livingston has interviewed 60,000+ consumers, professionals, and purchasing agents about their response to advertising. 

In fact, she's been repeatedly asked by major brands to help develop and/or select the right testimonials and spokespeople... 

And now you can hire her to get compelling testimonials for your site without paying her six figure consulting fees!

If you're getting less than stellar results from
your website, brochures, and mailings then…

"Let Me Tap the Enthusiasm of Your Happiest Clients and Turn Your Site into a Sales Generating Machine!  I'll Get You Those 'Gotta-Buy-Now' Testimonials That Can Drive Your Profits Through the Roof!"

Testimonials Sell! 
(But Only If They're Done Right)

Not every testimonial helps you sell.  The ones that work support specific claims with specific results.  And they're expressed in compelling, emotionally contagious language... 

The truth is, satisfied customers want to help us.   They really do. 

Because they "get it."  They know a great story about how you helped them will help you bring in more customers.  And why not?  You've made a difference in their business and their lives.

But customers aren't copywriters.  It takes time for them to think of what to say, and a lot of work to finally write it.  It's often a stretch for them that gets "back-burnered" because it's frustrating and makes them feel inadequate...

Or else it does get done, but without the enthusiasm and specific results that make testimonials sell. 

Here's the thing...even though your customers would be happy to sing your praises, they're really not eager to write...

Plus, testimonials expose them to others, just like public speaking.  Is it any wonder most businesses don't have enough testimonials that sell?

In Today’s World Your Business is Nothing Without Proof 

The internet has made prospects more skeptical than ever.

One of the best ways to overcome this is with testimonials, case studies and customer stories... 

But most businesses have little to no compelling proof in their advertising.  And while owners are baffled by poor sales, the #1 reason that reasonable people don't purchase reasonable offers which genuinely would solve their problem is...


Simply put, prospects assume you're "guilty until proven innocent."   Especially today.


I'm excited to tell you I can fix this FOR you...

Plus, I'll actually make the experience enjoyable for your customers.

But before I explain how, let's get on the same page about "testimonials that sell" vs.  "feel good testimonials"...

Testimonials That Sell
vs. "Feel Good" Testimonials

Let's illustrate with a few testimonials from one of my husband's consulting sites...

Feel Good Testimonials

Testimonials That Sell

"What I like most about Glenn is I get a sense of his integrity and his no hype approach to business building and coaching.  I think he is absolutely a wining choice for anybody who wants serious and sustained growth from their online business" - Ramone Dees, Atlanta Georgia "In the 30 days after my new offer and landing page launched, I blew away my previous best[...] month by a little over 325% $3,500 vs. $11,500.  Next month I expect to be near $20,000.  Thanks again Glenn!" - John Fox 
"I'd say to a friend of mine, ... yes, I know you may have been burned before and you may be weary, ... but you really need to do this, this is truly for real!  If you're not ready to do this, you're not serious.  You need to do this!"  - Dave Seldon, Nashville, Tennessee "I spent 15 minutes letting Glenn look at my site and took a few of his simple suggestions he gave me. Three days later my conversion rate was up 44% AND my back end profits were up by 31%! He even bumped my email open and click-through rates. Those 15 minutes took my business from losing money right into the black... and I've been at this market for years already. My only regret is waiting so long to work with him.  I highly recommend that you work with Glenn!"  - David Oliver, Hackettstown, New Jersey

"Glenn is the real deal, very generous with his time and his expertise.  Also, very genuine and very in the know" - Tim Carver. Layton, Utah


"Glenn Livingston [...] created a six figure affiliate based revenue stream for me.  [...] I love Glenn probably almost as much as his wife, Sharon and maybe a little more than his dog.  I would be happy to talk in person with anyone who needs more info about Glenn.  If you are sitting on the fence please, call me at the number below (970-670-0001) and give me the chance to help repay Glenn in some little way for all that he has done for me.  Thanks Glenn and I really mean it man.  You’ve done more for me than you’ll ever know.  Thank you." - Travis Giggy, Denver, Colorado 970-670-0001

NOTE: these testimonials are for my husband's (Glenn Livingston's) services and are provided above to illustrate different levels of testimonial effectiveness.  Glenn's services are NOT part of the offering on this page.  Please read the full testimonial and typical results disclosure statements before purchasing Glenn's products or services.

See what I mean?  

Now, there's nothing wrong with feel good testimonials, per se'.  I mean, we certainly don't want prospects to feel bad about us, right?


Testimonials that sell support specific claims with specific results. 

And when you add emotional excitement they can truly supercharge your sales!

Which brings me to...

The Critical Difference Between Plain Text vs.
Compelling Audio Testimonials That Sell

Some people think the only value of an audio testimonial is to prove the client is real.

But stellar audio testimonials work for a MUCH more important reason...

They charge the report of results with EMOTION.

For example, compare David Oliver's written testimonial with the audio below.  It's important you understand he was talking about the exact same results:

To Recap, The Text-Only Version Was Great:

"I spent 15 minutes letting Glenn look at my site and took a few of his simple suggestions he gave me. Three days later my conversion rate was up 44% AND my back end profits were up by 31%! He even bumped my email open and click-through rates. Those 15 minutes took my business from losing money right into the black... and I've been at this market for years already. My only regret is waiting so long to work with him.  I highly recommend that you work with Glenn!"  - David Oliver, Hackettstown, New Jersey

But the 12 Minute Audio Version Is Stupendous:
Even if you don't hire me it'll be worth your time to listen for the education alone!)


(Note: the length of audio testimonials can easily be adjusted in the edits. 
Different selling situations call for longer vs. shorter testimonial interviews...
anything from a 10 second sound bite to an hour long interview)

NOTE: above testimonial is for my husband's (Glenn Livingston's) services, which are not part of the offering on this page.

There's NO comparison between the power of the audio and the written version discussing the exact same results, right?

Even though the text-only version was a "testimonial that sells"...

The audio version is clearly selling on steroids...


BECAUSE YOU FEEL THE RESULTS!   David was enthusiastically singing Glenn's praises with delight which is contagious.

AND, reading is actually work, because you have to be engaged and thinking.  You don't have to "think" when you're listening to an audio:

"Thinking is the hardest work there is, it's no wonder so few people do it" - Henry Ford

And because you FEEL the results, you're inspired to action...

Plus, in a testimonial interview, the client gets a chance to elaborate on ALL the benefits received.  This seriously increases the chance a given benefit will convince your prospect to buy.

Okay, now that we're on the same page about the goal, let's talk about...

How I Can Help You Dramatically Increase Your
Sales by Getting You Emotionally Compelling,
Results Oriented, Audio Testimonials That Sell

Here's how it works...

After learning a little about your business, I'll call some of your best customers and record our conversations.   (I'll give you an introductory email to send them first) 

I'll find out why they purchased...

I'll get them to describe any initial hesitations or objections...

And help them contrast this to the delightful and surprising results you delivered!  

More importantly, I'll draw it all out of them in emotionally contagious language...

The resulting testimonial will make the listener FEEL the change you make in your customers' lives! 

Of course, I'll get permission to publish the interview.

Then I'll edit out any "uhms", "ahs", redundancies, and rough spots.  And I'll send along the recordings along with the originals for documentation.  Plus, you'll get the transcripts too (so you can also publish the text-only versions if you like!)

Some Darn Good Reasons to Hire Me
Instead of Trying to Get Testimonials Yourself

Now, you're more than welcome to try this yourself.  In fact, if you can't justify the price based on a reasonably targeted conversion bump, you might want to try...

But there ARE some darn good reasons to pay me instead:

  • I'm an extraordinarily seasoned interviewer.    I've literally spoken to over 60,000 people about purchase satisfaction in the past 23 years.  I've worked for dozens of Fortune 500 companies.  And my work's been covered in dozens of major newspapers (and also on radio and TV):
  • So you'd be hard pressed to find anyone more dialed into language that sells...

  • And you'd have a very difficult time getting someone who can pull testimonials out of people with the same compelling, exciting, emotionally contagious enthusiasm (like I did with David Oliver above)...

In fact, Stephen Covey, author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, had this to say ABOUT MY ABILITY TO DRAW PEOPLE OUT in particular: 

"My expectations were exceeded.  I was impressed by both the character and competence of Dr. Livingston.  Her ability to draw people out in unique and creative ways and apply the gathered data to complicated analyses made my experience working with her a memorable and fun one!"  - Stephen Covey, Author "7 Habits of Highly Effective People"

So My Very Serious Question for You Is...
How Much More Will Your Website Earn
With This Kind of Additional Powerful Proof?

If your products and services are STELLAR but you're not making the money you deserve…

If you're frustrated trying to take your business to the next level…

If you've ever spent a fortune on web design, brochures, or mailings with disappointing results …

Then I'd like to help you get compelling, specific, and emotionally contagious proof for your business...

But Let's Do Some Basic Math First...

I'm legally prohibited from promising any specific sales bumps.  We both know that...

But what I CAN tell you is, in our experience it's not at all unusual to see a 25% bump in conversions when you add a half dozen powerful testimonials to a page.  This makes sense, especially when the testimonials are geared to specifically support your unique promise.

I can also tell you it's not unusual for great testimonials to take a business that's losing money--or not making sales at all---and put it into the black...

So having powerful testimonials could literally mean the difference between survival and death for your business!  (Full testimonial and typical results disclosure)

But let's go back to that 25% number...

For illustration's sake, suppose you're making $5,000 per month from your website.  And after advertising and cost of goods, your net profit is $1,500...

What would a 25% bump in conversion from a half dozen SOLID audio-testimonials be worth to you in real dollars and sense?

Hypothetical Return on Investment
from a 25% Bump in Conversion







$1,000 $1,500




$1,000 $2,750


Net Difference Per Month $1,250




44/30 = 46%

Net Difference After One Year $15,000




44/30 = 46%

On a month to month basis, this would yield $1,250 more income, which means after my testimonial-gathering fees (which I will NOT take from you today), you break even in a few short months, and keep the additional $1250/mo thereafter.  (That'd be $15,000 extra profit per year going forward!)...

But the smart reader will immediately recognize a much subtler point...

Something infinitely more important...

And that's the fact this small conversion bump makes the whole campaign 46% more profitable than before.  It may therefore be possible to purchase advertising you couldn't afford previously...

Which can dramatically bump your traffic, sometimes by multiples of ten!

So you might look back on this modest investment as THE thing which finally allowed you to expand your business in the way you've always dreamed...

(And just imagine what these numbers would look like if you were grossing $10,000 per month... or better yet, $100,000!)

How Much Does It Cost?

(As I said previously, I will NOT take these fees from you today, but it's important you're familiar with them before we proceed any further)

I've broken down my services into three packages depending upon your needs and budget:

SILVER: This is designed for people on a budget.  We'll do all the heavy lifting and all the hard work except for the audio and transcript editing.  You can do that yourself or outsource it pretty inexpensively to save money.  (We'll have a 30 minute meeting after the testmonials are gathered to point you in the right direction)

GOLD: This is designed for people who prefer to have us handle EVERYTHING (including all of the editing) and don't want to lift a finger in order to get the final product delivered.  Everything is handed to you ready to go.

PLATINUM: This is for clients who can make profitable use of ONGOING audio testimonial work for use in their follow up sequences, websites, to help feed copy testing, or for a multitude of products and services.  For these businesses I offer a significant discount on the gold package AND a quarterly market insights report.  (During the course of interviewing your best customers we'll discover what you need to know to develop more products, use the right emotional hot buttons, and alter your sales copy for additional profits.  It's like getting a $50,000 professional research project for free)



Strategic Testimonial Campaign Planning




Testimonial Generation




Copy of the Unedited (Raw) Testimonial Interview in MP3 Format




Editing Full Audio Testimonial Interview ("Authoritative MP3")
(Removes the uhms, uhs, unnecessary pauses, and redundancies, but does not highlight shorter sound bites... deliverable here is a smoothed over full interview)




Transcript of Authoritative MP3 (Authoritative Transcript)
(Word for word transcript of the Authoritative MP3 as described above)




Review and Highlight Authoritative Transcripts (for shorter sound bites and written testimonial clips appropriate for use on sales pages)




Sound Bite MP3s and Shorter Written Testimonial Clips (to copy and paste into sales pages)




Committed Ongoing Monthly Testimonial Gathering (for clients with multiple products and services - minimum commitment six months at six testimonials per month)




Quarterly Market Insights Report (for clients committing to ongoing testimonial gathering via the Platinum level, I'll also compile a quarterly report on marketable insights we've gleaned while doing the testimonial interviewing... this is like getting a $50,000 corporate level market research campaign executed for free)




Price Per Testimonial Completed




Minimum Number of Testimonials



Six Per Month for Six Months

Capacity is limited, we reserve the right to place people on a waiting list as necessary. Prices subject to rise without notice during the introductory period.  (You can lock in your rates for 60 days when you order the $100 strategic testimonial generation planning session on this page)

But like I said I will NOT take my fee from you today...


Because It All Starts with a
Thirty-Minute, $100
Consultation to Review Your Unique Situation
(Guaranteed to be worth 10x this price
in and of itself, or your money back!)

I wanted us to be on the same page about the investment before we spoke, but it's not appropriate for me to take your money for services just yet.

Instead, we need to be sure this is a good fit.

So before I embark on the testimonial generating service for you I need to know a few very important things...

For example, can you give me a list of a dozen reasonably happy customers?...

People you have every reason to believe are delighted with your product or service, even if you've never spoken with them.

Alternatively, I can speak to people consuming your FREE materials--for example your email prospect list--as long as you have good reason to believe they're happy.  (By the way, even though I prefer to speak with customers, testimonials about FREE materials can and do often translate into sales because of the trust-building, emotional component).

But I also need to learn about your business...

What's your USP?  What purchase objections do you encounter most frequently?  Who are your main competitors?  What's worked for you so far?  Where are you stuck?  What's your best sense of the emotional benefits to purchase in your market? 

It's OK if you don't  100% know all these things, I'll help you figure it out when we speak.  But I do require this initial talk to get oriented before deciding whether I can deliver the results I'm promising here.

And There's Yet Another Reason to Do This Initial
Strategy Session ... Because We Very Well Might

Find Powerful Proof You're Already Sitting On!
(Or otherwise identify important money-making
insights you're unaware of in your market)

You know, it's amazing to me how good most website owners are at HIDING their proof.  Either they fail to put what they've already got front and center in a compelling way, or else they just don't know they've got it in the first place...

Glenn calls this "Proof Hiding Disease," and it's a pernicious destroyer of sales, profits, and morale :-(

Sometimes you can bump sales right away, even before you add testimonials.

So as part of our initial strategy session I'm going to walk you through some key questions.  How are you using your current testimonials, case studies, and press coverage?  Are there any studies, facts, or even third party research available that you've neglected to put on your site?  Where is the proof on your site?  How are you showcasing it?  Is it strategically located to support the specific claims you're making?

Plus, since I've interviewed over 60,000 people about their purchase motivation, it's entirely possible (likely even) I may have some money-making insight about the forces at play in your market you're not yet aware of...

This is yet another reason why our little 30-minute talk will be worth many times more than the $100 you'll pay (remember, I'm paid as much as $1,000/hr. for my time in the consulting world so this is a steal!)...

I'm willing to guarantee it too...

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

If you don't agree our thirty minutes together was worth many times the $100 price tag, just let me know before we finish our time together and I'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Just Click the Add to Cart Button
Below and Pay for Your Consultation
(After payment, you'll be given a little
questionnaire to help me prepare for our talk,
which we'll schedule within one week's time)

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the sake of absolute clarity, what you're paying for at this juncture is 30 minutes of my personal time to review your business, not the "testimonials that sell" service itself.  The value of this time IS guaranteed... if you don't think it was worth at least 10x what you paid for it just let me know before we get off the phone and I'll refund your money in full.  But acceptance in the testimonial generating service is conditional on us both determining we're a good fit to work together.

Warmest Regards,

Sharon Livingston, Ph.D.

I have read this letter in full and understand I am simply purchasing the 30-minute strategy session with Dr. Sharon Livingston at this time.  I know the "Testimonials That Sell" service described above is not part of this review, is executed through The Livingston Group for Marketing, Inc., and will be discussed/offered at the end of the strategy session only if appropriate.  I also know my 30 minute strategy session comes with a money back guarantee.  If I don't feel it was worth at least 10x what I paid for it, I'll let Sharon know before we get off the phone and she will refund 100% of the money paid today.   Last, I have also read and agreed to the Disclaimer and Terms of Use Agreement, the Privacy Policy, and the Full Testimonial and Results Disclosure Statement

IMPORTANT: we can't work with sites which sell hate mongering, pornography, cigarettes, speed seduction, gambling, psychics, and/or other products and services which might jeopardize our professional status with our credentialing agencies.  I hope you'll understand.



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