INTRODUCING THE "CONVERSION ZOOM™" WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION SERVICE FROM DR. GLENN LIVINGSTON: If you're an entrepreneur who can barely find time to breathe, much less implement all the split-tests required to optimize web-conversion rates (and dramatically increase sales) I have a VERY important question for you...

How Big Is Your Entrepreneurial
'Wall of Shame?'


From the desk of Dr. Glenn Livingston
Tuesday, 1:13 p.m. (Windham, New Hampshire)

Dear Friend:

I've got a serious question for you...

How big is your "Entrepreneurial Wall of Shame?"

You know the one I mean...

It's that list of things which could make you more money IF you could find the time to get them done...

That ever-growing "to do" list which makes you a little sick to your stomach every time you think about it...

The one with things like (check off the ones on your list!)...

Clearly identifying your prospect's most pressing need above the fold by testing (a) graphics which illustrate their most desired result ; (b) emotional language which creates immediate resonance and; (c) different taglines, logos, and/or site aliases...
Making your unique selling proposition "pop" off the page by varying the language, accompanying images, and the location of proof specific to the USP? And does your USP focus on a truly unique point of difference benefit?  A market gap you're sure exists?  Have you tested more than one benefit of your product or service as the primary focus? 
Focusing your site on an URGENT problem.  Have you tested multiple ways to agitate the problem and make the prospect more desperate to solve it?  (Marketing might be thought of as the process of making "nice to have" wishes into truly desperate needs!)
Are you testing truly distinct headlines, introductory copy, and benefit statements--OR--are you simply testing minor variations of essentially the same appeal?  (Hint: because it's so easy to get myopic, most entrepreneurs get stuck in their own head and have great difficulty introducing true variety into their testing plan)
Have you tried simplifying your landing page to the bare essentials (with larger fonts, bigger buttons, and ONE clearly desired action?) 
Did you carefully review your site for every major promise, then ensure you were including OVERWHELMING PROOF to back up each one?  And have you TESTED where and how you present your proof?  Proof is absolutely essential in our Web 3.0 world.  It's not a "nice to have", it's a "must have!"  A promise without proof is only hype (Most people think of testimonials when they think of proof.  But there are dozens of ways to prove your case without testimonials. For example, the set of questions you're reading right now shows you I've mastered conversion rate optimization by demonstrating I know the dimensions of it in detail.  Have you tested using an involvement checklist list like this to prove your expertise on your own site?)
How many different offers have you tested?   Have you varied the terms, payment plans, and additional incentives enough to know you've arrived at the sweet spot?
How did you determine your current price point?  Was it through optimization and testing, or through simple guessing and dumb luck like most other entrepreneurs?   
Have you tested exposing at least a half dozen relevant case or scientific studies in your market to prove key sales propositions and overcome difficult objections?
To what extent have you utilized "take-away" screening?   Have you tested making your prospects qualify to do business with you, or have you just left your doors open for anyone who wants to walk through them?
Are you thoroughly optimizing your "testing velocity?"  This is a tricky point.  There are only so many tests a business can run given their level of traffic and other key resources.  To make the most out of these tests, you not only have to know what to test, you have to know WHEN to test it, and in what order.  Are you truly confident in your plan?
How thoroughly have you tested guarantees and risk reversals in your market? Now, I'm NOT talking about your average "money back guarantee!"  I'm talking about guarantees that go above and beyond the standard.  I'm constantly amazed how sheepish most entrepreneurs are to test these kinds of risk reversal propositions, yet analysis after analysis proves there's often good money sitting on the table if you're willing!
Have you determined the best reason for immediate action in your market through rigorous experiments?  Have you tested using urgency and/or scarcity at all?  (Not fake scarcity... real, believable, ethical scarcity!?)
Can you boil the sales and/or lead-generation argument made on your website to a very clear two minute presentation an eight year old could understand?   The #1 reason most people's websites don't earn what they're worth is lack of FOCUS.   They never bother to create a good sales argument in SIMPLE words.  Is it any wonder their websites don't do a better job?   People get so excited about using technology online they fail to see when they're getting lost in the details of the wrong message.  Might as well be re-arranging deck chairs on the TItanic!

The bottom line is there are FIVE SIMPLE THINGS you need to close the sale in any market.  And you should be able to explain them to an eight year old in under two minutes.  I call this your "Persuasion Architecture™", and getting yours down cold is one of the best ways to choose testing inputs I've ever seen (if I do say so myself!)

Have you tested different attention getting mechanisms for your headline and/or above the fold graphical devices and copy?  Do you have something which can stop a busy, impatient browser in his or her tracks?  Something which would cause them to lose sleep tonight from painful curiosity if they dare click the back button without finding out more?
Is the language you're using truly conversational?  Have you tested carefully removing terms and jargon which the vendors in your market might use without thinking, but which are otherwise absent from the prospect's conversational vocabulary?
Have you crafted a message that distinguishes you from your competitors and clearly says to the marketplace why it should choose your business to handle their problems?  Have you even placed your primary competitors on a grid and evaluated the above-the-fold messaging side by side, looking for additional testing inputs?
Have you aligned all your advertising, website design, and other market communications with a singular Unique Selling Proposition that was derived from your knowledge of everything above?
Did you carefully plan out and test the logical flow of your site such that SCANNERS get essentially the same sales presentation as READERS? 
Are you sure you've got the right SITE DESIGN?  Does it instantly telegraph to prospects "you're the the right place to find the best solution for your specific problem?"  Have you tested different designs, or did you do what most entrepreneurs do... which is to get a little feedback on a few different options from friends and then "just go with it?"
Do you have a strategic plan for optimizing your website’s conversion using well thought out inputs, prioritized in the right order?   Do you know when and how to use multivariate testing vs. A-B tests vs. full factorial experiments?  In what order?

Let's Face It... There Are 101+ Things A Business Needs to Do to Optimize Their
Web Profits!

(And Trying to
Get Them All
Done Yourself is
a Total Joke!)

The truth is, there's no end to the tests you SHOULD implement to optimize your website...

It's just a practical matter of what you CAN implement (and I can help you with that part in just a moment)...

The reason EVERY entrepreneur has an ever-growing wall of shame is that it's simply impossible to get it all done yourself.

Even businesses with lots of employees have trouble dedicating the resources to master conversion because there's TOO MUCH ELSE TO DO IN A GROWING BUSINESS! 
If you've got a REAL business, then you need to attend to servicing customers, developing back ends, making strategic decisions, managing others, striking deals...and oh yes, getting traffic!  (By the way, did you ever stop to think how much more traffic you could purchase if you doubled or tripled your conversion rate?  Or how much more you could spend on SEO, etc?)

Plus, conversion rate optimization is a difficult skill to develop, and much harder to truly master. 

That's why it's much better left to specialists who can concentrate on it day in and day out.  People who eat, sleep, and breathe website optimization...

What seems impossible for YOU to improve on your site may be second nature to US.  And where you can't see what to test next, we can bring profitable experience in dozens of other markets to bear.

That's why I'm proud to introduce...

Dr. Glenn Livingston's Conversion Zoom™ Service
(Relentless Website Optimization
Executed For You on a Monthly Basis)

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.

The new Conversion Zoom™ Service is powerful five step process which iterates in cycles as we inch ever more closely towards the perfectly optimized sales system for your site...


On many sites we evaluate, we can usually spot several high-likelihood opportunities to increase conversion with a minimum of effort. 

These are usually things like misplaced or poorly presented proof, simple mistakes in the location, color, and/or wording of your calls to action, problems with navigation and/or usability, simple errors of language presented in your premise, etc.

Our clients also usually have a multitude of well thought through testing inputs they just couldn't make the time to test!  During our early engagement we focus on these leveraged opportunities and prioritize them on your testing plan.

By the way, during this start up phase we'll also need to ensure you've got adequate tracking mechanisms in place.   So if you break out in hives when it comes to talking about response percentages in your sales funnel, this probably isn't for you...

Now, that doesn't mean you've gotta have a doctorate in web-analytics.  But it would be great if you already knew approximately how many visitors you get, from what source, and what percent take the desired actions at various points in your funnel.  If you don't have at least a rough sense of these numbers, well, it can be "hard to get there from here." 

On the other hand, don't worry if you don't have exact numbers either.  We ALWAYS begin with a benchmark round of testing to establish where the starting point is!


After exhausting the obvious, low hanging fruit, we take a careful look at your competition.  Isolating and evaluating competitors documented to be winning the game offers an incredible opportunity for most marketers to find high-valence testing inputs they'd never have otherwise considered.

Simply put, what are your competitors doing that you're not and why?  We find many advertisers could easily be implementing some of the winning components of their competition if they only understood their function.


One of the primary reasons many websites don't earn what they're worth is lack of FOCUS.   Simply put, they can't articulate their sales argument in words an eight year old could understand.  Instead, they focus on technology, fonts, multimedia, and other web elements... the "buzz" of the online world.

People get so excited about technology they fail to see when they're getting lost in the details of the wrong message.  Might as well be re-arranging deck chairs on the TItanic!

That's why, once we've picked up the most obvious gains from low hanging fruit and the documented winners in your market, we turn our attention to the FIVE SIMPLE THINGS you need to do to close the sale in any market:

  • Identify the problem you solve...

  • Make a truly unique and powerful promise...

  • Provide overwhelming proof that you're the best and only choice to deliver this solution...

  • Tempt the prospect with an incredibly irresistible offer...

  • And give them a reason to act now, not later.

It might sound simplistic, but time and again I've seen this kind of analysis provide the most fruitful testing inputs. 

Now, I DO have to make an important point to avoid misleading you at this juncture.  You see, the analysis of your Persuasion Architecture often suggests simple tweaks to your site (what we call "component testing") which can make a dramatic difference in your conversion!  

However, sometimes it's clear that to make further progress you'll MAJOR re-working of your landing page, offer, graphical design, or advertising copy. 

Although we're happy to execute these changes for you (and perfectly competent to do most of them) such "major surgery" falls beyond the scope of the basic Conversion Zoom service described on this page.   (This is one of the reasons the Persuasion Architecture analysis is done at step #3, after you should have realized tremendous benefits from our work together)


Generally after we've made gains via the low hanging fruit, competitive inputs, and persuasion architecture analysis, we find there's more optimization to be done on the various components we've incorporated.  

We revisit the areas where the greatest gains were won and ask if we've truly optimized our implementation there with things like graphics, colors, fonts, tweaks in the language, multimedia elements, etc.


Finally, we view website optimization as a journey, not an event.  At every stage we not only hope to make progress by increasing your conversion rate, we hope to UNDERSTAND the market better by acquiring new insights which, in and of themselves, will suggest new testing direction.

Our process is therefore iterative.  We continue on in the cycle until a point of diminishing returns is truly reached.  (We also often focus on different pieces and parts of your sales funnel as time goes on... first on the front end, then the follow ups, then the back end, etc)

Now, if you've read this far and you don't yet really know who I am, you might be wondering what qualifies myself and my company to bring you such a service...

Who the Heck is Dr. Glenn Livingston, Really?
(And Why Should I Trust His Team with My Website!)

First off, $20,000,000 is a very big number.  But that's what Fortune 500 companies like Lipton, Ford, Panasonic, AT&T, and Nabisco have paid companies I've owned for marketing consulting... 

A T & T
American Express
Bausch & Lomb
Burger King
Ford Motors
General Mills
M & M Mars
Master Card
Proctor & Gamble
Sara Lee
Warner Lambert

And our previous work and theories have been covered in major media like...

  • Plus, as a co-founder of an internet marketing agency that's managed millions in online ad-spend, I saw hundreds of business models.  This experience also put me in regular contact with some of the top internet marketing experts in the world.  Which means I've actually seen what turns dollars IN into dollars OUT.  Over and over again.  Needless to say, I'm not "talking theory!"

  • I'm NOT your run-of-the-mill advertising professional.   After all, I've got an extraordinarily well thought out SYSTEM for building a solid, profitable, growing business online.  I know a lot of people SAY they've got a system but I've built more than a dozen profitable projects to prove it...

Income growth graphed month-by-month from an actual
sales report generated from account #46203 

DISCLAIMER: It's unlikely you'll get the same explosive growth I did because I had 20 years of professional marketing experience prior to instituting these campaigns.  I was also marketing in a different economic climate.  And launching product after product.  Conversion rate optimization involves dedication and risk.  You may lose money on some tests.  Substantial gains are typically realized only via commitment to long term optimization efforts. On the other hand, you very well might be risking a lot more by passing on this unique opportunity to put my razor sharp conversion optimization team to work for you.  Especially given the affordable done-for-you prices I've arranged!   Full legal disclosure statement

As a result...

You Can Seize an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in
Your Market by Letting My Team Consistently Optimize Your Site for Better Conversion
(And More Profit!)

It's that simple.

However, we absolutely can’t help you if you fit any of these three categories.

CAN’T HELP YOU CATEGORY #1: You sell a product or service that our licensing boards might disapprove of. This includes but is not limited to hate mongering, pornography, cigarettes, speed seduction, gambling, network marketing, psychic and/or supernatural services, or the Boston Red Sox.  (Kidding about the last one, serious about the rest.)

CAN’T HELP YOU CATEGORY #2: You are not comfortable with our fee structure (which you’ll see in a moment.) As you might guess, we take quality seriously. And, we take it seriously because we target our services to people who are serious about becoming the dominate player in their niche.

For all these reasons, we pay our seasoned conversion experts well. And I'm personally involved in their training and supervision.  This is in your best interest as well as ours. After all, you wouldn't want our team rushing through your project like an assembly line... you want careful, customized attention to detail in order to plan and execute the tests that can move your business to the next level. 

You want to crush your competition AND dominate your market.  We want that for you!  But we've got to create a win-win all around or it won't work for anyone.

(Don't get me wrong, I have arranged a very affordable rate for you indeed... but there's only so far I can go and maintain the professional quality associated with my name.  Please see the investment section below)... 

CAN’T HELP YOU CATEGORY #3: You expect miracle results in record time, without dedicating the appropriate amount of traffic, patience, and other testing resources to obtain them!

Our experience shows that people who succeed at conversion rate optimization do so because they COMMIT to a plan.  A plan which usually encompasses several months and a half dozen to a dozen tests, at minimum.   (Usually executed over several months time, though if your traffic allows for a greater velocity of testing, this can often be achieved more quickly)

Test, integrate and interpret the results, then test again.  And again!  And when you DO beat your control, you carefully stair step your way upwards...

The people who make massive gains in their conversion rates usually do so methodically, not instantaneously.   It's rare to suddenly double your conversion.  It's far more common to inch your way up 5 to 10% at a time, with several plateaus along the way.  And it's not unusual to have tests which totally bomb, especially in the early days.

But winners KEEP IMPLEMENTING test after test until the market reveals exactly what it needs.  It's an endurance game...

That's probably why so few people do what's necessary to optimize their site!  (And why having a team like ours on board can truly move your business to the next level) 

OK!  So let's talk about costs...

How Much Will You Invest to Get Glenn's Razor Sharp Conversion Team Consistently Working to Make Your Site More Profitable?

Truth is, I've struggled with a LOT of different pricing models.  I mean, if we ultimately double your businesses (with consistent work and cooperative effort), it seems like a no-brainer to just get paid for performance and/or take equity once we you get there...

But it turns out that people get very excited about conversion gains when they happen.  But a year later they deeply resent the idea of paying ongoingly for someone who just "fixed up their advertising" when there's so much more involved in building and growing a business.

And the truth is, I don't want anything to do with all those things.  In the end, I'm an advertising guy and I'm damn good at it. 

So the "double your business and take 25%" model just isn't for me.  (It's probably not for you either when you think about the long term ramifications)

No, this is a FLAT MONTHLY FEE, and that's it.  I don't own any part of your business... you get to enjoy any additional profits we generate, free and clear.

If you want to provide an extra performance incentive to motivate us, well, that's your management decision and we certainly won't say no :-) 

But we'll think of it as "gravy" and won't quibble with your calculations.  (I really don't want to audit your books like an IRS agent!)

How much is the monthly fee?  It depends largely on your traffic velocity, how many tests per month we'll be executing, and a few other factors we'll discuss when we speak with you.  But generally speaking, we have two ways of working from a price perspective...

  • OPTION #1 - WE DO IT ALL: if you want US to execute all the split tests it'll be in the vicinity of a few thousand dollars per month.  This tier usually provides the best return for our larger clients, unless they have true web-optimization experts on staff...

  • OPTION #2 - WE COACH YOU THROUGH IT: On the other hand, if you just want us to COACH you through it, we can set this up MUCH less expensively.  (This usually makes more sense for our smaller clients--or--for larger companies who DO have optimization experts on staff and just want to leverage our perspective and experience)

But there's a much more important question you need to be asking before you consider whether you can afford this, and that question is...

How Much Are the Conversion Leaks on
Your Site Costing You Each and Every Month
You Leave Them Undiscovered and Un-patched?

Now, this is a concept which separates successful marketers from the mediocre...

But it's not always easy to grasp.

Let's suppose you're spending $10,000/mo on traffic...

And to make it simple, let's also assume clicks are only $1 each...

And your conversion rate is one percent...

That means you're getting about 100 sales per month at a cost of $100 per sale.

Makes sense so far, right?

Well here's the thing.  Most marketers at this point ask themselves one of two questions (a) where can I buy more traffic or (b) where can I buy cheaper traffic.

But, as counter-intuitive as it might sound, those are the WRONG questions to ask.

The right question to ask is, what would the economics of my business look like if I were converting at TWO percent instead of one percent...

Because if you doubled your conversion rate, you'd be getting 200 sales per month at a cost of $50 per sale!  And THEN you'd be in a position to buy a LOT more traffic! 

Or think of it like this, for every month you leave your conversion rate where it is right now, you're losing $5,000 (the $50 extra you're paying per sale!)

So the right question to be asking isn't really "can I afford to hire Glenn's Conversion Zoom team" but "how much am I losing every month by not doing so!"

Generally speaking, there's a very good argument to be made for allocating an equal budget to web optimization as you do for paid traffic!

But you can actually forget ENTIRELY about the affordability question for the moment, because...

You Do NOT Have to Decide Whether or Not
You Want the Conversion Zoom™ Service Today:

It All Starts with a Forty-Five-Minute,
$300 "Conversion Zoom™" Strategy Session
Where You'll Get Marketing Advice Worth
Many Times Your $300 Investment
(Guaranteed or Your Money Back!)

During your private consultation we'll review your business model, existing traffic, current tracking mechanisms, and most important goals. Together, we'll determine if our Conversion Rate Optimization service can have a dramatic and lasting impact on your profits.

On the other hand, it's entirely possible this is NOT the best fit for your business. If that's the case, you'll still get invaluable advice during our consultation on what you need to do next to prepare... our best thinking on how to move you along to the next level. 

Anyway, even if we decide not to work together, isn’t it worth investing $300 to get advice customized to your situation, and to find out if our service is a good fit for your business? And just imagine if we ARE a good fit... you can shed your entrepreneurial wall of shame and confidently work on the rest of your business!  I think it’s a no brainer.

(PLEASE NOTE: There's a third possible outcome of the strategy session for many of our smaller clients:  Sometimes we recommend you let us coach you through implementing the tests yourself.  That way you can leverage our expertise and experience even if you can't afford to have us do it FOR you)

Oh, and why $300?  To remind you stop committing marketing incest and start to THINK DIFFERENT when you test.  Nobody's proven that $97 works best in all markets, in all internet situations.   And I'll bet my left kidney most of you haven't tested anything but the standard pricing schemes. 

So when you fill out the order form with the $300 price tag I want you to be thinking "Hey, I guess he's right!  Why the hell have I been following the herd all these years.  I'm not a sheep, am I?"

And $300 is a nice reminder of the 300 things which might sit forever on your "wall" if you don't make a strategically thought out, prioritized plan of execution

Anyway, if you’ve come this far, I think you’ll agree I’ve given you several good reasons to reserve a 45-minute consultation for yourself. So do yourself a favor...

Take advantage of this special introductory offer right now while it’s fresh on your mind. Now, here’s the next step…

Just Click the Add to Cart Button
Below and Pay for Your 45 Minute Conversion Zoom Consultation

(After payment, you'll be sent an email with
a few questions that will help your consultant
prepare for your time together, which will
be scheduled within one week's time)

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

If you don't agree your forty five minute consultation was worth many times the $300 price tag, just let your consultant know before you finish your time with them and I'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked, and no hard feelings (really).

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the sake of absolute clarity, what you're paying for at this juncture is 45 minutes of time to review your business, not the Conversion Zoom™ service itself.  The value of this time IS guaranteed... if you don't think it was worth at least 10x what you paid for it just let your consultant know before we get off the phone and I'll refund your money in full.  Acceptance in the conversion rate optimization service is conditional on all parties determining they are a good fit to work together AFTER the call.

I have read this letter in full and understand I am simply purchasing the 45-minute consultation session with a Conversion Zoom Consultant at this time.  I know the service described above is not part of this review, and will be discussed/offered at the end of my consultation only if appropriate.  I also acknowledge that although my acceptance as a case study is not guaranteed by my payment today, the 45 minute consultation itself comes with a money back guarantee.  If I don't feel it was worth at least 10x what I paid for it, I'll let my consultant know before we get off the phone and you will refund 100% of the money paid today.    
I have also read and agreed to the Disclaimer and Terms of Use Agreement, the Privacy Policy, and the Full Testimonial and Results Disclosure Statement.

(NOTE: We strictly limit the number of new Conversion Zoom consults we accept each month for quality control purposes. If no room is available, you will
be placed on a waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis, or given
the opportunity to refund today's $300 purchase )



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What Others Are
Saying About Glenn:

Dave Seldon

Perry Marshall
Oak Park, IL

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Sydney, Australia

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Charlotte, VT

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Las Vegas, NV

Stephen Georgulis

"I've been a marketer for 21 years now and I've had some successes and failures, and when I look back on my track record I've found that the failures were almost always because I didn't know who I was selling to.  I was really kind of playing what Dan Kennedy would call 'blind archery' ... and when I've done well, it's always because I was very clear on who my audience was and exactly what they wanted.  I had done well even with some simple survey techniques, but I heard everybody raving about the results they were getting with Glenn's techniques, so I was one of the first people to sign up"

Bill Harrison
Radio-TV Interview Report

Philadelphia, PA

"This is really a system where I can confirm before I go in and launch and start a venture, that I've increased my likelihood of success, ... you know, it's like having the answers to a test"

Brian Therrien
BST Enterprises

Charlotte, VT
(617) 747-3996

"The thing that immediately hit me was how clear he was about what his targeted customers wanted and was providing that to them ... so he had got such clear marketing ... and REAL marketing, none of this other stuff that is giving the name 'marketing' ...  he really knew the I WANT TO DO THAT!'"

Barbara Warburg
United Kingdom


"do you know what I appreciate most about working with you and our group? It's how completely honest and unabashedly ethical you are. Sure, we'll grow our income through doing this, but the real story is that our customers will get what they want and need that much faster when we do this."

Byan Todd - CoAuthor "Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords"
(Published by Entrepreneur Press)

"[What Glenn taught me was ...] Don't try to trick people ... really find out what it is that they desire, and with integrity develop that information and, through that caring and doing the research, you'll always build a relationship that you can continue to build on, in marketing and in business, ... and I think that's a winning formula"

Damon Dickinson
Mandala Multimedia
Asheville, NC

"I do fully believe that if you apply these techniques, that they are scientific, proven, and 1000% dependable, and that you will dominate whatever market you go into ... I pity your competition!"

Sunny Hills,
Maui, HI

"I’m John Brack from Overland Park Kansas, and I am calling regarding Dr. Glenn Livingston.  He, in my opinion, is one of the most substantial and real gurus on the internet in terms of marketing and research.  I actually become a fan of his over a period of several years, I guess, because he does a good job of both analyzing the technical as well as the psychological aspects of buying behavior [...]  In my view, at least has reduced the complex variables there out there into a well-organized system and those systems, I think, are valuable both to the advanced and as well to the beginner on line."

John Brack - Overland Park Kansas

"Hi Dr. Glenn Livingston.  This is George Burroughs, I’m a doctor of chiropractic in Mobile, Alabama.  I’m kind of new to the internet and somehow found Ken McCarthy and Perry Marshall and think the world with them.  I’ve seen a lot of people that I don’t trust.  I trust them and they trust you and especially Perry Marshall speaks in his works so highly of you, so I started to check out your stuff and it’s been incredibly helpful.  I like the depths that you take your concerns to – what I mean by that is it is not just fluffy stuff, you are really interested in how people think...I just think it is great, your willingness to share..."

Dr. George Burroughs
Mobile, Alabama

"The first time I heard a message from Glenn Livingston was in a partner mp3 audio file that I listened to with Perry Marshall talking about the insight -  the psychology behind different keywords, the ability to grab clients at different steps in the buying process whether it is making sure that they do all their research with you so that eventually they do all of their purchasing with you, has been very insightful.  The company that I have started is a calisthenics or plyometrics for basketball ... I put up a quick survey ... ran the AdWords using Perry Marshall’s book, built the psychology of those AdWords around Glenn Livingston’s psychology, directed them to a survey site that had 9 questions based on the 80/20 principle and it has worked wonderfully..."

Adam Collings, Provo Utah


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